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Arena Animation Tnagar

Arena Animation is Asia’s leader in Animation,multimedia training, where we offer a platform to enter the fun-filled, exciting world of Animation, Gaming, Visual FX, Web Designing, Graphic designing, Film editing etc.
With more than 7 years of training experience, Arena animation T.nagar, Chennai provide various Job- oriented courses which leads to good job placements in reputed Indian & international companies.
Any good centre must be evaluated with the quality of student outputs & their placement record. You can view our banner videos made out of student works & our Gallery page to realize our excellence in training. As for placements, we maintain a 100% track record as well.

Why Arena Animation Tnagar

  • Job oriented courses & production based training.
  • Real-time student projects.
  • Student interaction with International studios through events like ORBIT, PERSPECTIVES, CREATIVE MINDS etc.
  • In-house green matte studio for visual effects projects.
  • Guidance in short film making & editing.
  • Lot of student activities like seminars, workshops, contests etc.
  • Unlimited lab hours.
  • Free spoken English classes for students.
  • A dedicated placement cell to ensure 100% student placement

Star Student of May 2017

Career Opportunities


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Arena Tnagar is one of the very few facilities with state of the art equipments. We have also created an environment where our students can learn as well as practice what they learn...

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At ARENA T.Nagar, we make sure that we engage HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND CERTIFIED FACULTIES only, to take classes for our students. Each of our faculties is well versed in their specialization...

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Arena Tnagar Conducts Regular Workshop and infotainment Events for our students by Experienced Industry Specialists, students will know the latest Trends from the Industry...

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What our Students say

  • Had lots of fun and learnt a lot through the course. It was a very useful and interesting course. Learning the softwares was fun. Proud to be a part of Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar gives a bright career option and I learnt a lot about the industry. It’s helpful, to set my career in media. Thanks to Arena Animation Tnagar.


  • Studying at Arena Tnagar has been a very positive experience for me. I find it easy to progress quickly in such a supportive environment. The classes helped me to develop my skills and also gives confidence to set my future.


  • I like the way of teaching in Arena Animation Tnagar with neat environment. The faculties are friendly and also they conduct classes interestingly.


  • Arena Tnagar is with talented faculties and cool infrastructure. Monthly events, seminars and eprojects are useful. I enjoy studying here and learnt a lot of good stuff.

    Weslin Samuel

  • Its been a great learning experience with well trained Faculties. Also, Arena Tnagar provides a friendly atmosphere.


  • Nice Infrastructure, good guidance with better lab facilities.


  • Arena Tnagar gives us the better coaching with excellent Infrastructure and friendly faculties. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.

    Nithya Rajasekaran

  • Arena Tnagar is a nice place to learn animation. I have learnt a lot from here. Arena Tnagar is helping me to achieve my dreams. Staffs are very friendly and knowledgeable. Infrastructure of Arena T Nagar is also a plus.

    Satheez Kumar

  • Faculties are the highlights of Arena Tnagar. I got to discover my hidden potential through Arena Tnagar and project myself in the professional world.


  • Arena Animation Tnagar has better infrastructure. While joining I didn't have any idea on sketching. Now I get a lot of ideas which will be more helpful in my career.

    Ulaganathan @ Prince

  • Arena Tnagar is a very supportive institute with helpful faculties. There are other activities like drawing & spoken English which makes me superior to other designers. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar has given me a wide area of learning which has cultivated a great interest in this field. The faculty and the infrastructure adds on to the quality of teaching. We have good ambience to practice in the lab and proper guidance is available all the time.


  • Arena Tnagar has better facilities for VFX training which helps to make my career strong in Visual Effects. Thanks Arena Tnagar.

    Sathish Kumar

  • Arena Tnagar is the best place for Multimedia training with experienced faculties and better teaching techniques.


  • I am feeling Great to be a part of Booming Animation Revolution and Thanks to Arena Animation Tnagar for giving me this " Three Dimensional Career.”

    Ashwin Prasahanth

  • Iam happy to join Arena Tnagar. I improved my innovative knowledge and also my confidence level. Now I feel my future is secured.

    Grace Jeyamani

  • Arena Tnagar gives me the right opportunity to learn and project myself in the professional way. Friendly faculties and atmosphere helps me gain more knowledge.


  • Iam very glad to say that I joined Arena Animation Tnagar. All the faculties are friendly. Helped me improve my Creativity Knowledge.

    Mercy Joyce Matilda

  • Arena Tnagar Made My career Bright and Secured Future. Thanks Arena Tnagar.

    Vinoth Kumar

  • It is a great learning Experience here in Arena Tnagar. Friendly Environment with lot of info which helps us to give the best.


  • I gained lot of Exposure and Knowledge on Web Development by joining Arena Tnagar. Thanks Arena Tnagar.


  • I came to Arena Tnagar with a dream of working in the animation field, here they give us their best to fulfill our dreams. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar Helps to develop my Designing and Animation skills. They provide better materials to develop our skills. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.

    Dinesh Kumar

  • Well Trained faculties teach me a lot in Computer graphics, Very good Infrastructure. Feel pleasant while entering Arena Tnagar.

    Vinoth Kumar

  • In My Point of view Arena Tnagar is the best institute in Chennai with a great Friendly Atmosphere.

    Aravind Sundaram

  • Arena Animation Tnagar is the best Institute, where my imagination and Dream has found its reality.

    Sudha Parimalan

  • Creative teaching with excellent Time Management With better performing Systems.

    Sivarama Krishnan

  • Iam very thankful to Arena Animation Tnagar for showing how to be creative and to be different in the field of designing… Thanks to Arena Animation Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar gives me the great opportunity to build my career. Live projects, Contest and other events give great chance to unleash our Potential.

    Sarath Kumar

  • Arena Animation Tnagar is a better Institute which helps a lot in bringing out my skills and I am proud to be in Arena Animation Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar is the very best institute in Chennai. They give us excellent opportunities to strengthen our career. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Animation Tnagar not only teaches the subject but also the latest techniques in industry which helps us more for a career.


  • Arena Tnagar is the best Institute. I like Arena Tnagar. They lead us, guide us & they show us the future. Thanks Arena Tnagar.

    Mohan Raj

  • Arena Tnagar gave me a better career in Web Design & Development field. Thanks to Arena Tnagar Placement team.

    Thameem Ansari

  • Arena Animation gives us a lot of support and encouragement. They make our career in right path.

    Vignesh Kumar

  • I like the way and the method of teaching in Arena Tnagar. I can say only one thing- they guide us and lead us to a better career. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.

    Abdul Rahman

  • Arena Tnagar Teaching is very helpful and I like to learn lot from Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Animation Tnagar understands students position and coach them accordingly. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.

    Vinot Shankar

  • Arena Tnagar helps me to develop my designing skills and gives us a Wide opportunity for contesting in the world of Multimedia.


  • Happy to be a part of Arena Tnagar,able to be well versed with editing and special effects.


  • Arena Tnagar gives better coaching and impressive teaching with more information. Thanks Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar gives us a lot of opportunity to practice and showcase our works. Thanks Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar provides good guidance. Thanks to Arena Tnagar.


  • As a B.A. Student, I feel this center has better coaching, infrastructure for learning . Thanks Arena Tnagar.


  • After Joining Arena Animation Tnagar I came to know How multimedia Field helps in my career…. And thanks to arena animation tnagar for giving great Support.

    Arun Raj

  • Arena Tnagar Shows us the Path to learn Many Useful things. Faculties are very helpful and Arena Tnagar Provides Unlimited Lab Hours. Thanks Arena Tnagar.


  • Arena Tnagar is the best institute in chennai. Day by day I learn a lot of Things. They give us better career opportunities. Thanks Arena Tnagar.

    Jana Prabhau

  • Arena Animation training is really good. They give us great ideas to develop our skills with greater knowledge.

    Michael Navamani Raj

  • The Word "ARENA" Says A- Awesome, R-Responsible,E-Enlighting,N-Nice, A-Amazing. From this we can know this is the best institute with lot of career opportunities.

    Aneesh Anand

  • I Like to be in Arena Tnagar. They help us a lot in our career.

    Balaji Kumar

  • Arena Tnagar provides us with better training. It helps us to improve our technical & creative skills.


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